Thinking of getting a gift for a beloved someone? Want to spruce up your home/ office? At PINE SG, we have styled/ handmade plant displays which are paired with compatible plants, suitable for bringing life to any space. Focusing on indoor plants and a diverse range of pots/ planters, we hope that we can inspire more people to join the thriving gardening community. Hope our creations bring as much joy to you as we had while curating them!

What We Make

We take pride in our in-house designed and handmade planters, continuously experimenting with different materials and mediums to create unique pieces.

Other than our handmade planters, we are also constantly sourcing for beautiful plant displays to style our indoor plants, hoping that our creations can bring much joy to everyone!

What We Do

We do the hard work for you. Each and every plant from us is carefully selected and acclimatised in our indoor environment first before they meet you. They are also potted (with our in-house potting mix) and styled in our planters, so all you have to do is to unpack & they are ready for their new homes! Furthermore, re-potting is free for every purchase of a plant/ planter!

If you are getting them as gifts, leave a note with your message and we will hand-write it on a card on your behalf!

How We Care

We love seeing how plants look like in different environments! From care instructions to real-time support, we are here to make things easier for you. Simply contact us & we will try our best to assist you in your plant care-related queries.

If you are not sure which plant/ planter is suitable for your needs/ space, feel free to talk to us & we will help too!

Our Home Studio

Our home studio is located @ Jelapang Road (Bukit Panjang), Singapore.

Do make an appointment with us before coming down!

Whatsapp us at: +65 90033504
Email us at: [email protected]

Need Help?

If you have any plant-related questions, customisation requests, or great ideas that you would like to share with us for future launches, don’t be shy; drop us a message and let us know!

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